Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday Morning Family Time

This Sunday we played hooky. We skipped church and just enjoyed some fun time together as a family. Don't get me wrong, we love going to church together but so many times we are busy on Saturdays and don't get to spend time together just enjoying each other and then Sundays hit and before we know it, we are scrambling to get Bella a nap after church and get lunch and get the house cleaned and so on and so forth. So today we just slowed things down a bit and enjoyed being together, with NO plans! We slept in (Bella let us, yay!) played around a bit and headed out to Mimi's Cafe. Bella is getting so big and loves to look around and see things, she gets frustrated sitting in her infant carrier now when we go places so we decided since she is getting so close to sitting up independently that she was ready for the restaurant high chair. I love my Floppy Seat that I got as a gift, it is so handy and she loves playing with all the toys I can attach and bonus on the germ front, nothing falls on the ground if it's attached and trust me, everything ends up on the ground if it's not attached! You can also see in the pictures below that Bella is rocking a pretty sweet mohawk courtesy of Dad.

It was basically impossible to get her to look at the camera. It's usually so easy! She was just so fascinated by everything happening around her. She would just watch all the waitresses, following them from table to table, so cute!

She was so cozy in her seat! She looks like a little princess on her throne! (Everyone at Mimi's agreed, they all thought she was adorable!)

Here she has decided to suck on her thumb, which she has rediscovered in the last few days, still watching the waitress....

Every bite Rowdy would take she would watch him get the food on the fork and then watch him as he brought it to his mouth, and again, and again, she was practically drooling! (Actually, she probably WAS drooling!) Rowdy picked her up and she LUNGED at the french toast!

Heading back to the car, it was so bright out so Rowdy lent her his hat :-)

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  1. I mean, check out her cheekers! They are filling out a bit!! She's looking bigger and bigger...and I just saw her on Tuesday?! Well..I guess I might have been out of it that day... Anyway. I vote you best baby blog of the year :).