Saturday, April 23, 2011

Backyard Fun!

It's starting to get pretty hot here and we knew we would need something to help beat the heat once it gets to those dreaded 100's. We got a little pool for Bella....well, perhaps our eyes were a little bigger than our lungs, because, the pool we bought is actually pretty big and getting it blown up was pretty exhausting. We decided to just blow up the first ring for now since we don't need it very deep and it's perfect for Bella. We decided to have some fun the other night when Rowdy got home from work and Bella got to go for her first swim of the season. The water was a bit cold though, and it didn't last long. It will be nice when we get the water a little warmer....but I know that is coming very soon. Here are some pictures from the fun we have already had with the pool.....

Bella was fascinated by the hose

And she loved the little watering bucket I got her, I see lots of entertainment with that to come

Today we let Bella play in it with no water in it and just made it a ball pit....she loved that. I know she is going to love this with water too. Oh that face of hers.....I love it so much!

Having lots of fun!

She loves to dunk the balls in the basketball hoop in her bathtub but now any time we say "dunk it" she just throws the ball at the ground, a new favorite game.

Sweet girl!

I love how she looks when she is laughing....

Silly big that she smiles so big her eyes close....goof ball

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's been a month!!

Well, it's been a whole month since I last updated, and we have been busy busy busy! Also, Bella won't really sit still or look at the camera for pictures any more so it's been slim pickings in the picture department! We have been having a lot of fun playing with friends, celebrating Rowdy's birthday, changing the office to a playroom and enjoying this age so much! Bella is so incredibly entertaining. Here are some updates on Bella since it has been so long:

  • Bella says: hi, Daddy, uh oh, thank you (tata), very rarely mama, if you leave the room she will yell "da"...not really sure what that means. Those are her main words right now but she understands so much and follows a lot of commands. If I ask "are you hungry?" she will crawl to her high chair, she still combs her hair and brushes her teeth on command (and frequently without the command!).

  • She is not walking yet, she is following in her dear old dad's footsteps. She loves to use her push toys around the house but is still not showing major signs of walking in the very near future....but hopefully soon!

  • She is obsessed with being outside, she will (literally) play outside for hours on the patio, inspecting rocks and playing with the dog door. She absolutely loves it! And she will point at the stroller and whine until we go for a walk. She can't get enough of being outdoors. It's going to be such a bummer when it gets really hot, but at least we have a kiddie pool and grandparent's pool to swim in.

  • She has 6 teeth now and I think she is working on some more, who knows, next week she may have 12 at the rate her teeth are coming in!

  • She loves big girl food and eating off of mom and dad's plate. She likes it when it's made for her, but she loves it if she feels like she is sharing with the grown ups.

  • She loves to give kisses (usually) if you ask for a kiss. She gives the best big sloppy wet kisses, I can't get enough of it, and my favorite is when she gives me one unprompted! Got a big one today, made my day!

  • She is so entertaining and fun at this age, she keeps me laughing all day long!

Here is she showing her bestie Maya her crayons, they had a whole conversation about the crayons, its a long video but I will have to post it, it's pretty cute. It's so fun now that they are interacting more!

At dad's birthday dinner, she got to have her very own kids meal. It was peanut butter and jelly "sushi", it came with fries and fruit. Bella loved the ketchup and was dipping her fingers in and licking it off.....yummy. Then, Grandma Owens showed her how to dip her fries in the ketchup and she loved doing that and after being showed once could dip her fries all by herself! Genius! You can see she was covered in ketchup!

Little troublemaker getting the tv remote, which she loves. She is pushing the buttons and showing me how it works.

Look ma, no hands! Sometimes she forgets herself and lets go of what she is holding onto, one day this little scaredy cat might actually let go and walk a little....we'll see ;-)

Walking around the house with her toy, she loves to go back and forth and gets thoroughly irritated if I am not watching, she loves to make me laugh with her silly faces and sounds she makes while walking.

Ok I know her eyes are closed, but she is too cute, I love that little smile! Our friends, the Does, gave us this play house before they moved and Bella has just discovered the joys of it now that we have set it up in the newly established playroom.

Having a tea party with her dolly in her house, might be the cutest thing in the world!

Yummy tea! She is so silly!

She loves putting things away in the play clothes washer, she was thoroughly amusing herself and cracking herself up!

Sweet girl in her house, I see lots of fun in the future in her special little hiding place!