Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bella is a Rolling Machine

Ever since Bella started rolling she hasn't wanted to stop. I put her on her tummy and she immediately starts to roll, sometimes so fast I can't even catch it on video! Today I had a little fun making a video montage of some of the rolls including her first roll and some I got on video today. I might have had a little too much fun making the video (Don't worry, I realize that this video makes me a huge dork)....

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bella Rolls 4-27-10

Today my little girl rolled over for the first time!!! She rolled once and I let her take a break for a few minutes before putting her back on her belly. When I did she immediately rolled over 2 more times! I sound like a crazy excited person in the video so you will have to pardon me cheering throughout the video! Bella is 2 months, 3 weeks and 3 days old!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

So Many Pictures, So Little Time

Life seems to distract from blogging lately. We are just loving every second with Bella. She is getting big and is just the sweetest little girl in the world! It's so fun to look forward to all the little things we will do with her....watching her play her first sports and getting to cheer her on, maybe she will be a ballerina (if she doesn't take after her mom), maybe she will be dramatic and want to act or maybe she will love to read, and all the fun birthday parties and celebrations and halloween costumes. But for now we will just enjoy the sweet simple moments of celebrating every little coo she makes and smile she shares with us. It's amazing how she can captivate you for hours and hardly do anything. So here are some recent Bella pictures in no particular order.
Dad helping Bella work on her leg muscles

Her friend Myrtle...the turtle

Checking out her friend Myrtle

Working on her neck strength, look at her go!

Craining her head to see mom

Trying out the high chair for the first time. I love it because I can wheel Bella around the kitchen with me while I cook and Bella loves it because she can be up close to me and see everything I am doing!

Her other best friend....her glow seahorse

Just chillin without pants on the couch

Trying out the Baby Bjorn with Rowdy. She wasn't so sure about it. She loves her other slings that I have so this was a bit of a different experience for her but I think she will grow to love it, especially when she can face out

Swinging away

More fun in the Bumbo

Look at her go!

More highchair fun with mom

Hanging with her bestie Maya

She LOVES bathtime! It is the cutest thing in the world, she turns her head to try to look at the water running and gets more excited as each article of clothing comes off in anticipation of getting cozy in the warm water.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bella's First Boyfriend

Ok so I stole this picture from my friend Marcie's blog. Bella and I went to visit Marcie and her two kids, Sophia and brand new baby Micah. We love the Doe family and are happy to announce that Bella and Micah are officially dating. As you can see Micah is pointing to his girlfriend. Yes, Bella is 10 weeks older than Micah so she is sort of a "cougar" but they are close in size so no one has to know :-)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Bella's Bumbo Adventures

Bella is getting so strong. We took a video the other day of her sitting in her Bumbo, we weren't really expecting her to last so long without our help! (Please disregard the super loud episode of Friends in the background) :) It is pretty much a minute of Bella just bobbling around but to us it is the cutest thing ever and I'm not going to lie, Rowdy and I just watched this video like 3 times before posting it, we are in love with our sweet little girl!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring is Here!

Well it might be short lived in AZ but Spring is here and SO nice! You can't beat a high of 80 degrees! It also new clothes for Bella to wear! We have been having lots of fun dressing her in her warmer clothing and playing with her as she continues to grow into such a fun little girl! Rowdy and I also got out and enjoyed a beautiful spring day and did a hike with our church to raise money for the community our church sponsors in the Dominican Republic. It was a great day that raised a lot of money for a community that definitely needs it! Bella spent the day at Grandma and Grandpa Julia's and loved it! We hiked 5 miles Rowdy and the guys left us in the dust but Jenny and I were proud new mamas. We actually completed the hike (thanks to Jenny, I probably would have turned back a lot sooner but was so glad she motivated me to finish!) It was definitely hard 2 months after having a baby but so great to get out and exercise in the beautiful desert that is so green right now thanks to all the rain. We went to a Diamondbacks game that night and I had to get a nice big Cafe Mocha to make it through after getting up early to hike but we had a lot of fun!
Bella working on her head control in her Bumbo. So tiny and adorable!!
Playing in her play gym, she loves it!

Seriously, love that face!

Her eyelashes are UNBELIEVABLE!

Love her pretty spring outfit for church

Rowdy and I had some great seats for a Diamondbacks game, our seats were even closer than where we are standing, we had fun on our date!

Bella with her little bandaids after getting her shots, she was so happy on the couch after (thank goodness)

Beautiful girl (looks like she is wearing mascara but that is just her beauiful eyelashes)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

2 Month Dr. Appointment

Just a quick update while Bella naps. We had her 2 month doctor appointment today and she is 8lbs 15 close to 9! She has moved up to the 6.5 percentile so we are slowly but surely moving up thru the percentiles! She is still gaining around an ounce a day so that is great. She is also 22 inches long now which seems so huge to us. I looked at her premie pajamas today and I just can't believe she was ever that small! She was so good today at the doctor, I had her eat a lot before the appointment and she slept until we had to undress her to get weighed and measured but she never cried once and was all smiles for the doctor and very playful. Until.....(cue scary music) the dreaded shots. She had to get 4 and she actually did a lot better than I expected, she definitely cried but she calmed down pretty quickly and has been sleeping ever since! Such a sweet little girl! Will have more Bella pictures and updates soon!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


We celebrated Easter 2010 by going to church and then over to my parents house. They had a ton of family over and it was so fun to see everyone and I know Bella had fun too (well....she slept through a lot of it) but we enjoyed the beautiful day. Here are a few pictures from the fun...

Happy family of 3

Bella and I

Bella and Rowdy sleeping on the couch

Bella and Rowdy playing on the couch, she kept hitting him in the face and grabbing his nose, so cute!

Pretty girl in her Easter dress and one sock off :-)

Pretty girl

She had some crazy hair going

Rowdy and Bella at church (yes....those are pink peep toe shoes....awesome) Bella is holding her pacifier in :-)

So adorable all dressed up and ready for church

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy 27th Birthday Rowdy!!

Today is Rowdy's 27th Birthday. He is such a wonderful husband and amazing father that I just had to brag about him a little! Here are a few pictures from yesterday (Easter). The first he is playing with Bella on the couch at my parets and the second is him blowing out the candles while we all sang him happy birthday! Multiple people have come up to me telling me how "natural" he is at being a dad and how great he is at it and I have to agree. I couldn't have survived these last 2 months without him and I wouldn't want to share the experiences with anyone else! He is so great with Bella and I love him so much! Happy Birthday Rowdy!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Bella is 2 Months Old!

Our little peanut is 2 months old! Time is definitely flying and Bella is growing so much! Her hair is slowly but surely growing but her eyelashes are unbelievable! She is just so much fun and such a joy in our lives. We go on Thursday for her doctor's appointmen and vaccinations (blah.....I think I will probably end up crying more than Bella) so I will have updates after that but I wanted to post a few pictures and notes about Bella at 2 months.
At 2 Months Bella:
**Can follow objects well and loves her frog rattle
**Loves bath time and calms down and gets visibly happy when we put her down to undress her while the water is running, you can tell she is anticipating her nice cozy warm bath
**Is doing at least one 5-6 hour stretch of sleep at night, and then 3 hour stretches after that
**Is very smiley, especially in the mornings when I play with her and when daddy comes home
**Loves our nightly walks in the neighborhood, she loves her stroller and starts out checking out the scene but usually falls asleep halfway through
**Enjoys tummy time (usually) and has a very strong neck, she moves it from side to side and will usually get her body rocking pretty well but no rolling over yet
**Loves cuddling with dad (her favorite snuggle buddy) and almost always falls asleep with one arm up next to her head or above her head and one arm holding her belly

On another note, Rowdy's birthday is Monday, April 5th. We had dinner at our house with family to celebrate and Bella sported her "dad" onesie, she has another one that I made for Valentines Day that still fits so she can wear that on Monday also.
Happy 27th Birthday Rowdy!!!

Bella's Many Faces

Here are some pictures from the recent adventures of Bella (well mostly just around the house). We just have so much fun with her and I can't stop taking pictures! I might be a little out of control!
Just so darn beautiful

What a little goof (sidenote: she has the most unbelievable eyelashes, you can sort of see them here)

Happy Family

Mom and Bella playing

I just love this picture

Love her!

Rowdy and Bella playing

I was holding her while she was sleeping and I looked down and she had intertwined all her fingers like she was praying, it was the cutest thing, when I went to take the picture she started to fan them out of course and she has her crazy half sleepy eyes going

Look at that cute little smile!

I love the look on her face here

Polka dot overload!