Wednesday, April 7, 2010


We celebrated Easter 2010 by going to church and then over to my parents house. They had a ton of family over and it was so fun to see everyone and I know Bella had fun too (well....she slept through a lot of it) but we enjoyed the beautiful day. Here are a few pictures from the fun...

Happy family of 3

Bella and I

Bella and Rowdy sleeping on the couch

Bella and Rowdy playing on the couch, she kept hitting him in the face and grabbing his nose, so cute!

Pretty girl in her Easter dress and one sock off :-)

Pretty girl

She had some crazy hair going

Rowdy and Bella at church (yes....those are pink peep toe shoes....awesome) Bella is holding her pacifier in :-)

So adorable all dressed up and ready for church

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  1. I am glad my mom made it on your blog, priceless.