Sunday, August 14, 2011

18 Months

Somehow I blinked and my baby turned 1 1/2. Life seems to be moving in hyper speed right now. I SO LOVE this phase right now with Bella. She is just so much fun and I love spending my days with her, but at the same time, I see her and she looks SO OLD to me, and I just want to freeze time and not let her age any more since it is all going a little too fast. In the week leading up to her 18 month birthday Bella started to get more adventurous with her walking and, just shy of 18 months, began walking independently! WALKING! It just blows my mind, there were many days when I thought I might not see it happen, even though everyone assured me it would. I love seeing my little girl waddling around the house, it's the best. We continue on with physical therapy to try to correct her ankle a little more, but it is mostly something that will just correct itself with time, and muscle strengthening through use. At her 18 month appointment Bella weighed in at 19lbs 7oz (11%) and 31.5'' (42%). She makes me laugh so much every day and brings Rowdy and I so much joy. She has such a sweet, sensitive heart and I can't wait to see the way the Lord uses that as she grows.

Holding her most prized possessions.....her bracelets. She loves jewelery, she doesn't like to wear her bracelets yet, she just wants to carry them around with her. Through her entire 18 month doctors appointment she held her bracelets (yes....through the weigh in, and the shots, little cutie!)

Playing in her crib. She LOVES to play in her crib. She likes to turn her music on, get a book, play with her blankies and her doggie stuffed animal.

I just love her little face

Oh her smile, it melts my heart!

Pointing to her tongue, a favorite trick (although she, of course, gets stage fright very often!)

Such a goofball!

Carrying around her sippy, I just loved how silly she was being!

My beautiful baby girl (SO cute in her little pigtails!)

Happy 18 month birthday Bella buns!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

More Walking!!

Here is a video from today. She is loving chasing around her purple ball. She thinks its hilarious, and she loves that Oreo sort of plays with her too. Sorry the video is a little shaky and crazy at parts, I will work on getting a better video, but for now, I am chasing around my new walker who wants to explore the world!

Bella is ****WALKING**** !!!!!

We have been on a long road to walking in the Owens house. Bella has had to overcome some small obstacles (that at times felt big, to both Bella and myself). We have been working hard to strengthen her muscles in her core and ankles and *just shy* of her 18 month birthday, she has taken off. It makes me so happy to be able to see that because, like so many things in the process of being pregnant and raising a baby, it felt like it may never come. And then, one day, it just clicked. It makes me so proud to see Bella persevere, work hard, and overcome obstacles already in her life, at such a young age. Here is one of her first brave walking ventures, she has had many since and we will have more videos to come!