Monday, June 29, 2009

We're Pregnant!

We can't hardly believe how quickly it happened and just when we thought the month of trying was a bust we found out we are pregnant!! We are expecting our first little Owens due February 7th (though my ultrasounds have put me a little further along than that so I am officially saying I am 9 weeks tomorrow even though my little ticker at the top says I am only 8 weeks 2 days :-) ....I'm fighting for every day) It's been a very strange and exciting few weeks since we found out....we actually found out just over a month ago so we have had some time to get used to the idea. I have basically been bed (well really...couch) ridden for the last 3 weeks with nausea and some other complications so we are just taking it day by day. God is really teaching me what patience is because this is the ultimate waiting game and I just can't wait for the finish line....or at least to know the sex! This is our first blog so we are definitely novices and will do our best to keep it updated and figure out how to put a picture of the ultrasound on here soon. I already spent an hour trying to figure out the background and still am not satisfied but it will have to do for tonight. Can't wait to update more and move through this first trimester!