Sunday, January 31, 2010

Maternity Pictures

My wonderful friend Stephanie took maternity pictures of Rowdy and I at just about 38 weeks pregnant. She is such a spectacular friend and an AMAZING photographer. Check out her blog: I have included some of the maternity pictures here and more can be seen on her blog plus more of her wonderful work that she does with her husband Stephen. I love how they turned out and they definitely show off my pregnant belly at (hopefully) it's largest. So glad we got to capture these last few moments of Rowdy and I as a couple before our family grows and our daughter arrives. I know these will be very special to us, especially since we didn't take very many pictures of us together throughout the pregnancy. Thank you to Stephanie for these pictures we will treasure forever!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bella's Room *Updated*

Today we put some of the finishing touches on Bella's room. I was so excited to do this! My dad painstakingly painted and got the wonderful plaque ready (it might be his new hobby) and made sure it looked perfect. I ordered a wall decal that I liked on Etsy and my mom and I applied it to the plaque and I think it turned out pretty darn cute! We also hung the very cute "I" plaque that Auntie Ashley made for Bella. When I say "we" I pretty much mean I sit in the rocking chair and direct so to clarify, my mom measured and hung everything. Thank goodness for my mom who has basically come over and cleaned our whole house and re-organized every room. And Rowdy has taken care of pretty much all the house chores since I am supposed to try to be off my feet. It all looks so cute hanging in the nursery now and now all that the nursery needs is a baby. We are in the 1 week countdown and hopefully she will be here sooner (or at least not late but I am trying to be patient). On the labor front I have had lots of strong contractions but so far nothing I can really "time" so no labor yet but I know that no matter what, she will be here VERY soon so we are just trying to soak up some last minutes as just a couple before we become a family of 3!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

38 Weeks

We are 38 weeks now and just waiting for Isabella to arrive! It could be any time now and we are hoping sooner rather than later. We are seeing my doctor Tuesday to hopefully get some things going (I will spare you all of the details) and possibly discuss induction. My dialation and everything is progressing so we are excited for our little girl to just get here and as excited as we are, it's hard as we sit here watching tv (we are really living up one of our last child free Saturday nights) that she will actually be here, like REALLY here, it's so hard to wrap our minds around! We will hopefully have some more exciting details to share after the doctor on Tuesday but for now, our first daughter Oreo got bathed and groomed for Bella's arrival so we had to take a picture together and you can see how low and big my belly is getting in the second picture!

Me and my bed rest buddy Oreo
Soooooo fully cooked, no more growing please!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

35 Weeks: So Many New Things....

I am officially 35 weeks now....soooooo close! And SO ready to be not pregnant any more :-) I have loved so many moments of this pregnancy and the very unique experience that it is but I can't wait for our little Bella to just be here and for me to not get winded putting socks on! It was a very eventful December and it really did fly by. I cannot believe that it is 2010 now and that Bella will be here in about a month. There are still so many little things to do and get ready around the house and errands to run! I have had some not so fun headaches and after 2 different doctor ordered trips to labor and delivery this week the nurse told me last night that I am now officially on bed rest. It will be interesting figuring out how to sit still and not do things when there are so many things to be done! I will get more clarification on what my bed rest means from my doctor this week but the nurse told me I can get up to go to the bathroom and to make a sandwich but that is about it. Something tells me I will be doing a lot of crocheting baby blankets and organizing in small doses from a seated position and ordering my visitors around :-). I'm sure Rowdy is so excited (ha!). Maybe Bella will make her entrance a little early and relieve her mother from this bed rest! I'm so excited for what this year holds and am looking forward to enjoying every moment with friends and family (and getting back out of the house will be great too!). I will update with a new belly picture soon I am sure, once I don't look like I spent a few hours in the hospital!

Here is adorable Rowdy putting together the glider, he has become quite handy with all the assembly required!

He may have gotten a little distracted by the movie we were watching :-)

Here is a peek into Bella's room, it is really coming along! It is basically done (we have a few more things to hang but that is about it!

Here are my GORGEOUS curtains hanging in the room that the fabulous Shelagh made, I absolutely love them!

There is a plaque that is going above the crib, that will be a project in the next few days/weeks while I am home and I love the little rocking horse that my mom got for Bella. Of course Rowdy (the big grown up that he is) put one of Bella's stuffed animals on the horse like it is riding it.

Here is a view into Bella's very full closet! She has so many adorable outfits and I am now addicted to the smell of Dreft, baby clothes are the best (I'm sure I will be eating those words once the laundry really starts to pile up)

Here are the super cute letters that my friend Christy made, we have been so blessed to have such sweet friends (and creative ones) make so many special things for Bella that really make her room unique. I love going in there, it is so relaxing!

On the left is a list of things to pray for your child that Christy wrote for me, it is so special and makes me cry when I read it! On the right is an adorable cross that Rowdy bought for his baby girl's room, it is so special!

More to come soon!