Saturday, January 23, 2010

38 Weeks

We are 38 weeks now and just waiting for Isabella to arrive! It could be any time now and we are hoping sooner rather than later. We are seeing my doctor Tuesday to hopefully get some things going (I will spare you all of the details) and possibly discuss induction. My dialation and everything is progressing so we are excited for our little girl to just get here and as excited as we are, it's hard as we sit here watching tv (we are really living up one of our last child free Saturday nights) that she will actually be here, like REALLY here, it's so hard to wrap our minds around! We will hopefully have some more exciting details to share after the doctor on Tuesday but for now, our first daughter Oreo got bathed and groomed for Bella's arrival so we had to take a picture together and you can see how low and big my belly is getting in the second picture!

Me and my bed rest buddy Oreo
Soooooo fully cooked, no more growing please!

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