Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mornings are so fun!

I love the mornings, I mean not too early morning since our nights are still a little tiring but the mornings are so fun with Bella. She is so alert and playful. We have had some fun with tummy time and just playing with her. She has made some of the goofiest faces in the morning. See some of Bella's morning fun below!

Right after tummy time, she did so good turning her head from side to side! She may be little but she is strong! She was exhausted after though, so cute!

These are her "party pj's". All of her other pj's are so pretty and dainty and perfectly girly, the other day she had a bit of a diaper explosion on her "pretty pj's" so we switched to her fun ones, I love them!

I love this picture because she is pointing at me (complete accident) and one eye looks huge compared to the other, I just think it is so funny!

And I love the look on her face here, what a goofball!
Big yawn!

She was tired after tummy time!
Could she be any more adorable?!

Yay! Her little peanut head is starting to fit in some hats!

She is really growing! Can't wait to get an update of her stats at the doctor on Thursday!

She loves to have her arms/hands by her head! So funny looking!

This is how I roll

Isabella got all dressed up to go shopping with mom :-) She had her cute pink and brown striped leggins on with her furry pink boots over them and an adorable matching headband. This is just one of her outfits from our recent fun outings. Bella and I went out for the first time by ourselves without dad (I wasn't supposed to drive for 2 weeks after the c-section). We did end up meeting my mom and going with my mom to all the places but I drove her by myself :-) She was very good and only got fussy at the end when she got hungry. And once she decides she is hungry, she will let you know. That was our first little experiment and then on Friday we went to the mall for the first time with my mom. It was very productive, we found an adorable Easter dress for Bella and some new shoes for mom, I had to introduce Bella to the joys of shoe shopping! She was so good at the mall and strangers stopped to see her and see how cute she is! And then on Saturday Rowdy and I went out for our first date since Bella was born. We took her over to my parents and we went to dinner and a movie. It was so nice to get out and see a movie and I only checked my phone every 5 minutes to make sure I hadn't missed a call :-) She had so much fun with grandma and grandpa. Grandma gave her a bath and then she snuggled with grandpa on the couch, so cute! We pretty much had to pry her away from them so I think there will be more dates for mom and dad in the future since we have such willing and eager babysitters! Anywhere Bella goes, she is always loved and, of course, always stylish!

Monday, February 22, 2010

More fun with Bella

We have been very busy adjusting to life with Bella. We are finally getting used to the lack of sleep and are having SO much fun enjoying our daughter! She was the best little Valentine we could have asked for. We have been home mostly just staring at her an dplaying with her but we finally made a few ventures out of the house (other than to the doctor). We had a Valentine's date outing to brunch with Bella and enjoyed the day together. We also took our first trip to church this past weekend. She was pretty cozy for most of it until towards the end of the sermon when Bella decided she was no longer interested in being there and went from completely asleep to crying in a split second. Of course as soon as I left the sanctuary she was completely happy again. Silly Bella! We also hung with some good friends (the Does and the Spires') and all the daughters played together. Maya and Bella finally got to meet and even though they are only 1 month apart there is quite the size difference :-) They are bound to be little best friends despite their size difference! Sophia will be the big girl they both look up to and she was such a good little caretaker. She was so cute with them! Here are some pictures from the last week or so. Enjoy!
Cutest little Valentine

Rowdy getting Bella ready to head to brunch

A little bit of smile, wonder what she is dreaming about....

Dressed in a fun little outfit for Valentine's brunch, her pants look a little big :-)

Mom and Bella, love it!

So cute!

He loves his daughter!

Maya and Bella, besties

Hopefully Bella will start catching up to Maya soon!

Sophia is going to be such a good big sister (very soon), she was so cute and gentle with the babies

Bella really enjoys laying on pillows, I think she would love it if we made her a big pillow bed

So cozy on her pillow
Loving the swing

Love that face!

She just kept staring at the control switch for the swing, what a goof ball

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Isabella Grace's First Week

Isabella is 1 week old! Time is flying, maybe because we have lost track of what is day and what is night! We are having so much fun and loving every minute! She is such a blessing in our lives! So far in the first week.....her first car ride (home from the hospital), first doctor's appointment, first pretty pink bow worn, first stroll in the neighborhood...all bundled up of course, first bath. Sorry for all the photos below but we are proud parents and can't stop taking pictures!

She loved the warm bath water

Looking a little sleepy but had to capture the moment!

Dad, Bell and Oreo on a stroll in the neighborhood

Taking Bella out into the neighborhood for the first time! (Just for a short little stroll all bundled up of course!)

So cute in her pretty pink bow!

Heading out her first doctor's appointment

So pretty!

Doing what they do best, napping

Grandma Owens

Bella "seeing" her room for the first time, I think she was passed out actually

On the way home from the hospital

Getting into the car for the first time

About to leave the hospital

So cozy!


Friday, February 5, 2010

Isabella Grace Owens is here!

Isabella Grace Owens was born at on February 3rd, 2010 at 2:16pm. She weighed 5lbs 5.5 ounces and was 18 inches long. She is absolute perfection. We are so blessed to have her in our lives and could just stare at her for hours. We are soaking up every moment with her but wanted to give a quick update for anyone that reads the blog. There will be more updates and pictures soon but for now, here are some we have taken so far.

So darn cute!

Grandma Julia and Bella

Mom and Bella

Oh big yawn!

Happy family!

Dad and Bella fast asleep

Proud Daddy