Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bella's 2nd Birthday Party

We had such a wonderful time celebrating Bella's 2nd year of life with our family and friends. It is such a joy to celebrate such a sweet and wonderful litte girl who brings so much happiness to everyone. We had mini cheeseburgers, mini hot dogs, mac and cheese and a dessert bar. We tried to keep it small, mostly just inviting Bella's little friends (and their families of course) and our family, but we have a big family, and so, no party is ever very "small." As I mentioned in my last post, Bella's Uncle Matt came into town for her party (such a good Uncle/Godfather!) and that was pretty much the highlight of Bella's life! Bella definitely can take her time to warm up to a party, being the center of attention tends to make her a bit nervous. But, she loved showing her friends her new toys (her play kitchen and her sandbox) and running around the yard so she definitely had fun at her party! And, as usual, our regular photographer, the wodnerful Jenny Spires, took pictures of Bella's party for us, because she is just seriously that awesome of a friend. And, as usual, she captures Bella so perfectly in her beautiful pictures! We just love our friends and family, it's so nice to celebrate with people we love so much and who take the time to come to a party for our little girl. I still just can't believe this was party #2, it's going so so so fast! There will only be more wonderful celebrations for our little girl....and we can't wait!

Bella's 2nd birthday cake, I was pretty happy with how it turned out!

Our fun little dessert bar, we had people fill a bag as a favor

All our food, it was delicious thanks to lots of help from my mom!

Playing with her kitchen, she just LOVES cooking all sorts of things for us in it!

Bella is probably telling Jenny what she is cooking in her microwave

Bella playing with her bestie Maya, cute little munchkins!

Silly girl!

Oh my goodness, can she get ANY CUTER??!

Cutie Pie

Singing Happy Birthday to Bella, as you can see, she is a little apprehensive about all this attention

Helping our girl blow out her candle

The girl loves her sweets! (No shock there, she is my child after all!)

Yum! I think she approves!

Chowing down!

Opening presents.... Jenny's mom drew this incredible picture of Bella, it is just so special to me, I love it so much!!

Quite possibly Bella's favorite girl, a little puppy that barks when you pet it and it came with a tiny bottle to feed it, she was immediately in love!!

Oh I just love her so much! God has blessed us beyond our wildest dreams with Bella!!

Happy birthday sweet girl!