Monday, June 28, 2010

Bella's Bath Fun

Bella has this hilarious obsession with hands/fingers. It comes and goes and we have been trying to get it on video. Some days she just likes to stare at them, others she finds them hilarious and other days she may not be interested at all. Tonight during her bath, she was definitely interested. She gets SO excited splashing around while Rowdy dangles his fingers above her head. The video is long but the look on her face just cracks me up! She keeps accidentally slapping her belly really hard, it was just so funny to me! Our kitchen was soaking wet after but it was totally worth it (please also disregard the sink full of dirty dishes....we did them right after Bella was asleep, I promise!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Playtime with Dad

Tonight we ate dinner and then Rowdy took Bella into the living room to play while I cleaned up. I came in and found Rowdy laying on the floor with Bella sitting in his lap having the best time ever! She was just so happy and smiley and squealing away! It was SO adorable! I just started taking pictures and one was cuter than the next! I know there a lot of similar pictures but I just couldn't decide which one I loved the most!
I just love her smile so much!


She slid off dad and ended up reclining on him like a chair

Having so much fun!

She just couldn't get enough of it!

Love that face!

So many toys, so little time!

She couldn't decide if she wanted to grab the rings on her playmat or put the other rings in her mouth so she just did both!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to the best Dad in the world! I could not have asked for a more perfect father for Bella! He may not have had much experience in the baby department but he jumped right into Daddy mode the second she got here! The second she was born he followed her over to the table while they weighed her and cleaned her up and video taped the whole thing, unable to take his eyes off of her! He quickly told me "she is perfect" and he was right! From helping with her feedings at night to knowing just the perfect way to hold her to make her cozy so she can sleep, he is such a great Dad! The best by far is the way Bella looks at him, she gets SO excited when he comes into the room, a big grin on her face and her little feet kicking away. She loves to play with Rowdy but she also likes to just rest and relax with Rowdy. She definitely knows who her Daddy is and loves him! Rowdy works so hard to support us so I can stay home with Bella and we both could not be more thankful for that! He is a great provider and a great Daddy! We both love him so much! Happy Father's Day to my Dad as well! He is a great Dad to my brother and I, we always have so much fun when we get together! Bella loves her Grandpa! She always has a big smile for him and finds him so funny! It is so fun to see her having fun with her Grandpa! Bella is one blessed little girl to have such a great father and grandfather!
Proud Daddy with his brand new baby girl! So much love in such an instant!

Bella may have only been a few days old but she was representing Dad on Valentine's Day! Best little Valentine ever! She loves her Daddy!

So in love with his sweet little girl!

She loves to snooze with Dad

I just love this picture!

She loves to play with Dad's face

She loves to just sit with Dad

She looks like her Daddy! Happy Father's Day to the perfect Daddy to Bella! She loves you SO much! It is amazing to watch her play with you and get so excited to see you when you come home from work! She can't get enough of her Daddy!

Happy Father's Day to my Dad (and Bella's Grandpa)! You are such a great Dad to me and Bella loves you so much too! She loves to come play with you and cuddle on the couch and watch tv with you!

Happy Father's Day to some really great Dads! Bella and I love you!

Uh oh Dad, Bella has a boyfriend!

Rowdy thought he had a little time but it looks like he may need to break out the shotgun to scare the boys away! Bella is in love! Ok well maybe Marcie (Micah's mom) and I are sort of arranging their marriage right now but they were quite content to cuddle with each other on the couch! So darn cute!
This just makes me smile, two cute little munchkins. Bella may be 10 weeks older but Micah is already bigger (chunky little monkey!) He is such a handsome little man and Bella agrees!

We have to teach Bella, this is NOT how you sit when you are wearing a dress :-) Silly girl!


Micah resting his head on Bella's shoulder, she is very happy about this :-)

Holding hands! Is there anything sweeter?!?

Oh no Bella! You are supposed to hold his hand, not eat it!

Could they be any more adorable?

Oh so sweet! She loves him!

Summer Fun

When you live in Arizona in the summer you are very limited on what you can do. You can pretty much stay indoors or you can go in the pool. All other activities will likely wind up in you melting like you are on the face of the sun. It is particularly challenging with a little baby because even if you feel you could possibly brave the heat and hit a few stores, the constant in and out of the car and going from store to store is SO hot for poor little Bella so we generally only one run errand if I am going with her or we stay inside for a while (the mall is good for this, much to Rowdy's dismay). So we do a lot of playing at our house or sometimes we go up to my parent's to use the pool. We have only done this once or twice so far with Bella but now that the water is nice and warm she seems to love it! If we go late in the day the pool is shaded so that is extra nice for sweet little Bella's delicate skin. Here are some pictures of some summer fun so far.
She loves playing with her little "steering wheel" toy, it has buttons that play songs and change the lights fro, yellow to red to green and if you spin the steering wheel it plays the abc song (that is her favorite)

I put this in because it makes me laugh. It looks like she is saying, "hey mom, put that camera down and come play with this thing, it's so cool!"

This is the strange little position she likes to work herself into when playing on the playmat. I put her on her back and this is generally how she ends up, she just won't turn all the way onto her belly, I can't understand how this could be comfortable!

Hey mom! Look at me go!

Oh no! Baby wedgie!

Loving the water! She loved being pulled around the pool while "swimming" She just wanted to swim around and kick her little feet! She kept doing these excited little squeals!

Laughing with Dad at all the fun you can have in the pool!

I had to put this in! Bella and her bestie were playing all day and loving each other. Then Bella was tired and was so cute they were holding hands and looking at each other. I could see we were teetering on the edge with Bella, Maya was smiling away at Bella and then Bella decided she wasn't having it anymore. Her little sad/cry face is so cute (that sounds terrible...I know) Poor little munchkin!

So we calmed her down and after she was happy we put her in her Bumbo, she loves her Bumbo!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Staycation with Dad!

This week we have been having a little "staycation" with Rowdy. I wasn't nannying this week and Rowdy decided it would be fun to take a few days off and enjoy some family time before it got too hot to leave the house, we actually got blessed with some nice weather! We have been relaxing around the house and seeing friends and enjoying family time. On Friday we went to breakfast together and walked around the Waterfront and Old Town Scottsdale. It was SO nice out, overcast and around 85 with a little breeze from the water, so nice to get one last day of weather we could bear to be outside in! We also went to the doctor for Bella's 4 month appointment. She has decided to stay our little peanut a bit longer! She was 10lbs 13oz and 23.25 inches long! She has doubled her birthweight and has gained about 5 1/2lbs and grown 5.25 inches (Rowdy and I are convinced he didn't do a great job measuring her length though, she was definitely not stretched out fully) I thought she would be a bit bigger but hopefully the rice cereal will chunk her up a bit, for now she is our perfect little tiny peanut (our nickname for her, one of many, I will do a post soon about all her nicknames, poor thing will never know her real name!). Here are some fun pictures from this week!
I could not love this picture more! Such a little daredevil on her horse! Cracks me up! Grandma Julia picked out this rocking horse for her before she was born. Rowdy decided it was time to put her on it, she loved it! It was so cute to see her hold onto the handles and ride!

Look at me go mom!

Daddy helping Bella figure it out

I could squeeze her little face!

Love! Playing with Daddy is the best!

Ewwww! I have pink horse fur in my mouth!

Bella playing in her crib, she was fascinated with this little toy!

We moved it but she found it!

Snuggle time!

At breakfast, just the 3 of us, the perfect lazy Friday morning for a "staycation"

So sweet! She loves her daddy!

Could she be any cuter in this outfit! What a sweet little munchkin!

Love my peanut!

Walking on the Waterfront after breakfast, such a nice day! One of the last unfortunately!

Strollin with Dad around Old Town Scottsdale