Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Getting Messy and Getting Clean

We decided to let Bella try some rice cereal recently. We aren't really pushing it, they had it on sale at Target so I got it and then I got curious....So we tried and she was definitely not a fan the first time. We have tried it twice now and she seemed to like it a little more the second time. The eating pictures aren't necessarily in order, the first set are the second time she tried when she liked it a bit more, then it shows the first time she trie,d you will be able to tell by the look on her face! And then I included some pictures of some bathtime fun, we had to clean the cereal out of her neck rolls!
Rice cereal fun! She took the spoon right out of my hand! What a mess!

Funny faces! She was blowing raspberries while she had cereal on her mouth, such a goofy girl!

Hmmmm, maybe I will eat this stuff off my bib

Cutie pie! Second time around was definitely an improvement!

First ever taste of rice cereal, not sure what is happening and not happy about it at all!

What is this stuff????!!??

Thumbs down!

I may not have wanted to eat that rice cereal stuff but I will eat this thing!

Dad teaching Bella tricks, Bela is balancing the squirt ball on her head! Now that is talent!

LOVE! We let Bella play on her towel without her diaper before her bath. I told Rowdy, "oh she will be fine, don't worry, she won't pee" Wrong. She immediately peed. We didn't have another bath towel because we left one at my parents so I had to get out part of Rowdy's father's day present, Bella's new "I love Daddy" bath towel. Rowdy and Bella have so much fun together at bath time I thought it was fitting!

So cozy!

Trying to get her hand in her mouth but the towel kept getting in the way...."no worries mom, I will just put my towel wrapped hand in my mouth!"

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