Thursday, June 24, 2010

Playtime with Dad

Tonight we ate dinner and then Rowdy took Bella into the living room to play while I cleaned up. I came in and found Rowdy laying on the floor with Bella sitting in his lap having the best time ever! She was just so happy and smiley and squealing away! It was SO adorable! I just started taking pictures and one was cuter than the next! I know there a lot of similar pictures but I just couldn't decide which one I loved the most!
I just love her smile so much!


She slid off dad and ended up reclining on him like a chair

Having so much fun!

She just couldn't get enough of it!

Love that face!

So many toys, so little time!

She couldn't decide if she wanted to grab the rings on her playmat or put the other rings in her mouth so she just did both!


  1. She and Landon are built exactly the same!! Have you ever thought that before? She is so cute!! I really hope we get to see u Wed!

  2. I love playtime with them in a onesie, so easy to unsnap, diaper aside, lovely close ups of the pussy or a quick vid of her kicking her legs and cooing as you rub her pussy, snap closed, a couple of mins and nobody knows, I have fantastic vids of me doing my nieces, great to jerk off to