Friday, June 11, 2010

Staycation with Dad!

This week we have been having a little "staycation" with Rowdy. I wasn't nannying this week and Rowdy decided it would be fun to take a few days off and enjoy some family time before it got too hot to leave the house, we actually got blessed with some nice weather! We have been relaxing around the house and seeing friends and enjoying family time. On Friday we went to breakfast together and walked around the Waterfront and Old Town Scottsdale. It was SO nice out, overcast and around 85 with a little breeze from the water, so nice to get one last day of weather we could bear to be outside in! We also went to the doctor for Bella's 4 month appointment. She has decided to stay our little peanut a bit longer! She was 10lbs 13oz and 23.25 inches long! She has doubled her birthweight and has gained about 5 1/2lbs and grown 5.25 inches (Rowdy and I are convinced he didn't do a great job measuring her length though, she was definitely not stretched out fully) I thought she would be a bit bigger but hopefully the rice cereal will chunk her up a bit, for now she is our perfect little tiny peanut (our nickname for her, one of many, I will do a post soon about all her nicknames, poor thing will never know her real name!). Here are some fun pictures from this week!
I could not love this picture more! Such a little daredevil on her horse! Cracks me up! Grandma Julia picked out this rocking horse for her before she was born. Rowdy decided it was time to put her on it, she loved it! It was so cute to see her hold onto the handles and ride!

Look at me go mom!

Daddy helping Bella figure it out

I could squeeze her little face!

Love! Playing with Daddy is the best!

Ewwww! I have pink horse fur in my mouth!

Bella playing in her crib, she was fascinated with this little toy!

We moved it but she found it!

Snuggle time!

At breakfast, just the 3 of us, the perfect lazy Friday morning for a "staycation"

So sweet! She loves her daddy!

Could she be any cuter in this outfit! What a sweet little munchkin!

Love my peanut!

Walking on the Waterfront after breakfast, such a nice day! One of the last unfortunately!

Strollin with Dad around Old Town Scottsdale

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  1. U look really good!! And she is so cute! I wanna squeeze her!! We should get our tiny peanuts together!