Tuesday, June 8, 2010


It is so much fun playing with Bella right now. She is getting into so many things and is so interested in the world around her. It is so fascinating to watch her play with a simple rattle, she will stare at it, pass it between her hands and be totally stunned that she was able to do it, I could watch her for hours! Right now she is obsessed with her hands, as in, I think today I saw her for a total of 2 minutes when her hands weren't in her mouth! I am pretty sure she is in the beginning stages of teething, she is a drooly mess! Here are som epictures of fun play with Bella!
What is this crazy contraption mom? It has so many toys!

Ok I think I like this thing.....

Oooooh pandas! So darn cute!

Pausing fromputting my hands in my mouth to put my rattle in my mouth, yum!

I just thought she looked adorable here

Mmmmm teether, yet another delicious thing to play with!

Multi-tasking, "look mom, here is my belly!" and, "I think I will hold on to this toy on my playmat!"

Showing off her sweet abs


Her new fav, daddy helping her fly!

And this one is just for me, I just seriously LOVE this bow, it may be a little large but I don't care!

Love them!

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  1. She is sooo cute! I know she has lots of boyfriends...but Landon might have to be one of them!! :) She is precious!!