Sunday, June 20, 2010

Uh oh Dad, Bella has a boyfriend!

Rowdy thought he had a little time but it looks like he may need to break out the shotgun to scare the boys away! Bella is in love! Ok well maybe Marcie (Micah's mom) and I are sort of arranging their marriage right now but they were quite content to cuddle with each other on the couch! So darn cute!
This just makes me smile, two cute little munchkins. Bella may be 10 weeks older but Micah is already bigger (chunky little monkey!) He is such a handsome little man and Bella agrees!

We have to teach Bella, this is NOT how you sit when you are wearing a dress :-) Silly girl!


Micah resting his head on Bella's shoulder, she is very happy about this :-)

Holding hands! Is there anything sweeter?!?

Oh no Bella! You are supposed to hold his hand, not eat it!

Could they be any more adorable?

Oh so sweet! She loves him!

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