Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bella is 4 Months Old

Isabella Grace is 4 Months Old!
At 4 Months Old Bella:
  • Can almost roll both ways. She can still roll from her belly to her back and can pretty much roll from back to belly also. She still gets stuck on her hand though but the rest of her body is there! It's very funny looking!
  • Sleep varies right now but on average she is still doing about 6 or so hours for her first stretch and then 3 hour stretches after that but she has been doing more and more 7 or 8 hour stretches and we are VERY thankful for this!
  • Is such a sweet and happy little girl! She is always smiling and making the goofiest noises! We seriously can't figure out where half of the noises come from but they crack us up!
  • She has been laughing more and it is my favorite sound in the world!
  • She is so strong and has so much head control! She has tried out her entertainer a few times and seems to like it. I think she will like it more when her feet touch the bottom better but for now we have been boosting her a little with a book.
  • She is so social and loves to be around people or at parties. She fights sleep so hard though when we are out because she doesn't want to miss anything! It's so adorable!
  • She tried a little rice cereal to celebrate her 4 month birthday, she was not feeling it! We will try again but I think we will wait a while. We weren't really planning on starting yet but they had it on sale at Target and we were eating and decided to let her try a bite or two. I don't think any of it actually stayed in her mouth, it all ended up on the bib.
  • She can keep her head in line with her body when pulled to sitting position.
  • No height or weight yet, but soon! I can't wait to hear what she weighs! Her appointment is in a week, yay!

We have been busy lately enjoying every moment with Bella and having fun outside while it is still possible to actually be outside, those days are definitely numbered! I am also a sleep deprived parent so instead of doing separate posts about recent activities I have decided to combine them all into one, here is what we have been up to....

Here are Bella's besties. Seriously, how cute is this bunch! From left: Micah Doe, Maya Spires, Bella Owens, Charlie Anderson. Micah is the youngest and is 10 weeks younger than Bella, Maya and Charlie are 4 weeks older than Bella. We had so much fun at the Anderson's house for a Memorial Day BBQ and all the kids had a great time too!

On Memorial Day we went to my parents house to lay by the pool. We decided to see if Bella would like the water. I knew it was probably a bit too cold still for her seeing as she has only ever been in nice cozy bath water. How cute is she in her swimsuit!!?! She has a bikini too so we will be having a little swimwear fashion show!

Here she is taking a dip with dad, she actually didn't mind it too much! I think she will like it when it is a bit warmer.

Just relaxing with dad (we really need to get her a better sun hat!)

Kicking away!

Just enjoying a nice Memorial Day with some hot dogs and some swimming@

Testing out the waters before putting on the swimsuit

So adorable!

Her new favorite, froggie rattle! She loves to hold it and cuddle it to her face, and usually put it in her mouth :-)

Bella reading Rowdy's anniversary card

It really didn't take much prompting, she just grabbed the card, baby genius!

Jenny let me borrow her super awesome camera while I had Maya and Bella. I thoroughly enjoyed taking pictures on the camera (I took like 5oo.....seriously.....I had WAY too much fun!)

How can you not want to take pictures of this little peanut!

Goofy smiley face! Love her!

SO strong!

Beautiful Bella! Can't believe she is already 4 months old!

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  1. Oh my goodness gracious. Can I smooch this facey poo to Kansas and back again? She is growing up! I especially like the reading that she is doing these days. So smart. And how adorable seeing all their full names next to each other. They are growing up I tell ya.