Monday, July 11, 2011

California Vacation 2011

We had the very fun opportunity to take a vacation with my parents to Coronado Island and also get a chance to visit my brother who thought it would be cool to move to the beach....I mean.....who would want to do that?!?! ;-) It was a MUCH needed vacation for everyone and it was definitely easier traveling with Bella at this age and with the help of family. Bella and I went a day early with my parents and Rowdy joined us the next day in the evening since he needed to finish up some work. Bella and I drove out with Grandma and Grandpa and Grandpa had the dvd player all set up for Bella, I supplied the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and we were on our way. Bella LOVED having the dvd player in the car, she may have loved it a little too much. I hate to break it to her that it will not be a regular occurence for driving around town. I think we all have the "hot dog dance" song permanently stuck in our heads! Bella did great on the road and we got settled in at the hotel. It was the perfect hotel for kids! They babyproofed both rooms for us, supplied pack n plays to both rooms and also a little gift for Bella. What more could you ask for from a hotel?! Bella did so great being flexible on nap times, or lack thereof and really was an easy travel companion. The only thing she struggled with was the amount of eating out....every meal. She is really working hard on walking and she just DID NOT want to sit in a high chair at a restaurant. Our former perfect restaurant baby is no more, or at least, has temporarily left us. We had to take turns getting up and walking with her and she just didn't want to eat the food. Normally she isn't too picky and is a fairly good eater but she just wasn't having it on the trip. The kid pretty much survived on nutrigrain bars, cereal, yogurt, chips (shhh don't tell) and teddy grahams (again, shhh don't tell). Not the healthiest, as soon as we got home she started chowing down again though, so that is good! All in all we had a great time and I included about a million pictures below to document Bella's first trip to the beach. Let me just say, the beach air served Bella well, she may just be a little beach bunny in the making.

Walking the long hallway to the lobby/restaurant area. She did this most of the trip. She is still too nervous to let go but she walked SO MUCH on this trip! We would just be sitting in Grandma and Grandpa's hotel room and she would get Grandma's hand, whine for Grandpa's and then immediately start walking for the door, she had an agenda and we were all pretty much subject to her will. She knew where she wanted to go and she wasn't waiting.

Bella loves her Grandpa a lot. But on this trip Grandpa was pretty much the coolest. Everything he did was HILARIOUS. It was pretty cute to watch.

Bella could get used to this pampered life in a hotel, eating snacks on the big bed and watching cartoons.

Getting snuggled by Grandma after a long day out at the beach and then the pool, there was definitely no shortage of people who wanted to snuggle her on this trip!

Swimming with mama in the pool, we had so much fun!

Oh Bella, can't be bothered to look at the camera during a family picture of course!

Swimming with Grandma's help, she loved playing on the steps

Everyone enjoyed relaxing at the pool, including daddy!

Bella picking out lunch on the pool menu, silly girl

Seriously, the girl didn't take long to adapt to the vacation lifestyle. She felt right at home!

And then of course some morning yoga on the bed......

"Oh mom, that was exhausting!"

First time seeing the ocean, this girl LOVED watching the waves, and I'll take a good Bella snuggled any day of the week.

First trip to the ocean, July 2011

Feeling the beach sand for the first time, wasn't sure what she would think since she doesn't always like being messy

Turns out, at the ocean, it's ok to be messy....

Fascinated by the beach sand

Only Bella would be fed yogurt at the ocean. Anything to get a meal in her!

Eating a pringle by the sea, living the life....

Rinsing her hands in the water, still a girly girl

Playing in the sand with Grandma

Getting those hands dirty

More play time

Giggling at something silly daddy was doing, probably a goofy dance on the beach or something...

Mesmerized by the ocean

Wrapped up all snug like a bug

Beautiful, exhausted girl

Mama snuggles on the beach, eating teddy grahams and making a stinker face of course, this munchkin is not into the camera right now.

Love my girl

Bella with Mama and Grandma, good day had by all

Love seeing how much these two love to be together. Cozy with dad on the beach, what could be better?

Exploring the ocean with her dad

Love them

Love our little family of 3

Happy Family