Saturday, April 3, 2010

Bella is 2 Months Old!

Our little peanut is 2 months old! Time is definitely flying and Bella is growing so much! Her hair is slowly but surely growing but her eyelashes are unbelievable! She is just so much fun and such a joy in our lives. We go on Thursday for her doctor's appointmen and vaccinations (blah.....I think I will probably end up crying more than Bella) so I will have updates after that but I wanted to post a few pictures and notes about Bella at 2 months.
At 2 Months Bella:
**Can follow objects well and loves her frog rattle
**Loves bath time and calms down and gets visibly happy when we put her down to undress her while the water is running, you can tell she is anticipating her nice cozy warm bath
**Is doing at least one 5-6 hour stretch of sleep at night, and then 3 hour stretches after that
**Is very smiley, especially in the mornings when I play with her and when daddy comes home
**Loves our nightly walks in the neighborhood, she loves her stroller and starts out checking out the scene but usually falls asleep halfway through
**Enjoys tummy time (usually) and has a very strong neck, she moves it from side to side and will usually get her body rocking pretty well but no rolling over yet
**Loves cuddling with dad (her favorite snuggle buddy) and almost always falls asleep with one arm up next to her head or above her head and one arm holding her belly

On another note, Rowdy's birthday is Monday, April 5th. We had dinner at our house with family to celebrate and Bella sported her "dad" onesie, she has another one that I made for Valentines Day that still fits so she can wear that on Monday also.
Happy 27th Birthday Rowdy!!!

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