Thursday, April 8, 2010

2 Month Dr. Appointment

Just a quick update while Bella naps. We had her 2 month doctor appointment today and she is 8lbs 15 close to 9! She has moved up to the 6.5 percentile so we are slowly but surely moving up thru the percentiles! She is still gaining around an ounce a day so that is great. She is also 22 inches long now which seems so huge to us. I looked at her premie pajamas today and I just can't believe she was ever that small! She was so good today at the doctor, I had her eat a lot before the appointment and she slept until we had to undress her to get weighed and measured but she never cried once and was all smiles for the doctor and very playful. Until.....(cue scary music) the dreaded shots. She had to get 4 and she actually did a lot better than I expected, she definitely cried but she calmed down pretty quickly and has been sleeping ever since! Such a sweet little girl! Will have more Bella pictures and updates soon!

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