Saturday, April 24, 2010

So Many Pictures, So Little Time

Life seems to distract from blogging lately. We are just loving every second with Bella. She is getting big and is just the sweetest little girl in the world! It's so fun to look forward to all the little things we will do with her....watching her play her first sports and getting to cheer her on, maybe she will be a ballerina (if she doesn't take after her mom), maybe she will be dramatic and want to act or maybe she will love to read, and all the fun birthday parties and celebrations and halloween costumes. But for now we will just enjoy the sweet simple moments of celebrating every little coo she makes and smile she shares with us. It's amazing how she can captivate you for hours and hardly do anything. So here are some recent Bella pictures in no particular order.
Dad helping Bella work on her leg muscles

Her friend Myrtle...the turtle

Checking out her friend Myrtle

Working on her neck strength, look at her go!

Craining her head to see mom

Trying out the high chair for the first time. I love it because I can wheel Bella around the kitchen with me while I cook and Bella loves it because she can be up close to me and see everything I am doing!

Her other best friend....her glow seahorse

Just chillin without pants on the couch

Trying out the Baby Bjorn with Rowdy. She wasn't so sure about it. She loves her other slings that I have so this was a bit of a different experience for her but I think she will grow to love it, especially when she can face out

Swinging away

More fun in the Bumbo

Look at her go!

More highchair fun with mom

Hanging with her bestie Maya

She LOVES bathtime! It is the cutest thing in the world, she turns her head to try to look at the water running and gets more excited as each article of clothing comes off in anticipation of getting cozy in the warm water.

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  1. looking forward to introducing her to another friend , billy the willy it will be her fav