Saturday, April 3, 2010

Bella's Many Faces

Here are some pictures from the recent adventures of Bella (well mostly just around the house). We just have so much fun with her and I can't stop taking pictures! I might be a little out of control!
Just so darn beautiful

What a little goof (sidenote: she has the most unbelievable eyelashes, you can sort of see them here)

Happy Family

Mom and Bella playing

I just love this picture

Love her!

Rowdy and Bella playing

I was holding her while she was sleeping and I looked down and she had intertwined all her fingers like she was praying, it was the cutest thing, when I went to take the picture she started to fan them out of course and she has her crazy half sleepy eyes going

Look at that cute little smile!

I love the look on her face here

Polka dot overload!

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