Monday, March 29, 2010

Funny faces, outfit changes and big Bella smiles!

Bella has started smiling, and it is pretty much the cutest thing in the world! She started a little over a week ago and it is now everyone's goal to make her smile :-) She makes the funniest and most goofy faces when she is not smiling. Also, being the adorable girl that she is I have to dress her up in some pretty cute outfits but she has recently had a few "accidents" and has required some outfit changes during the day, she is becoming quite the little fashionista demanding multiple outfits a day!

Seriously, look at that face and that smile, so cute!!
Laughing at what could only be one of many ridiculous faces and sounds mom made trying to get her to smile!

Had to throw this in because what is cuter than a baby all snuggled in her bath!

One of my most favorite recent outfits. So cute in her yellow for spring and the super fun headband. Her smile is hard to catch on camera but look at how adorable it is!

Goofball, she makes a lot of funny faces while she is smiling and cooing in the morning

Seriously just so beautiful! (not to brag or anything....)

Cozy in the bouncy at grandmas, this was her second outfit of the day since she got her pretty yellow one a little dirty :-)

So cute in her onesie from my cousin Caroline (many more fun outfits to come that Caroline sent, all adorable of course!)

The onesie that came with this fit well and then we put the shorts on and, as you can see, she has some growing to do!

Put some pants on that fit her a little bitter and then we tried the hat on, also a little big! :-)

Ok seriously mom, I look crazy in this hat, no more pictures! (Rowdy was just a little amused by her face)

She looked so cute in her diaper and socks I just had to take a picture but Rowdy prevented her from having any "girls gone wild" moments :-)


  1. I didn't realize I got such a small size onesie!! oops! Can't believe she's getting so big already! We can't wait to meet her. Brady has been looking at your blog and saying "beh-ya" which I think is brady speak for Bella!!

  2. don't stop her let her pull it off baby is best