Sunday, March 21, 2010

Marcie's Baby Shower

We celebrated my wonderful friend Marcie's soon to be baby boy this weekend! We had so much fun getting ready for the shower (you can see Jenny and I doing some late night crafting to get ready for the shower below) and loved getting the decorations together but celebrating a new baby with good friends is the best of all! There were quite a few of us that found out we were pregnant around the same time and went through the majority of our pregnancies together, Marcie is the last woman standing and I know she can't wait for her baby boy to be here! Congrats Marcie, we can't wait to finally meet him!!

Marcie and adorable Sophia

Christy, Marcie and I (5 babies in 3 years, holy cow!)

Marcie and I

Fun decorations (Erin made these, so creative!)

Yummy food table

Jenny and I, tired new moms working into the wee hours=very loopy (I can only imagine what our converstaions sounded like!)

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