Monday, March 29, 2010

Bella's Fun with Family

We have taken a lot of fun pictures with Bella lately. We recently went over to hang at Grandma Julia's while she made sugar cookies. I think Bella distracted from the sugar cookies more than helped :-) Also, Uncle Matt came over to play with Bella and she loved it! She stayed awake the whole time staring at him, probably because he is so goofy and was making lots of faces (see below). Also, Rowdy and I had another date night and we got a few pictures before heading out.

Hi mom!

Bella's thoughts....."the chandelier is beautiful, I like bright lights...."

Bella napping after church, mom to join in about five minutes

About to go out to dinner for a date, so hard to leave Bella but we had so much fun!

Getting in a little Bella snuggle before heading out

We promise, we weren't driving with Bella sitting there :-) I had to feed her in the car after church and Rowdy was helping by burping her!

Bella with her favorite person to snuggle with, Dad!

Uncle Matt and Bella

Just one of Uncle Matt's goofy faces

Snoozing while Grandma holds her

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