Sunday, July 18, 2010

Acrobatic Sleeping

Lately we have been finding Bella in some hilarious positions when we go to get her in the morning. Her favorite position to sleep in right now is laying on her right side. When you put her down in her crib she rolls immediately to her right side. It is so adorable. Below is an example of some acrobatic sleep (if only the video monitor recorded her and we could see how she manages to do these things...)

The picture above is how we put her down in her crib. When you are facing the crib her head is on the right side and her feet on the left. Below is how we have found her a few times now....

Totally turned around! How did you get there Bella??!? Head on the left and feet on the right. Crazy lady! This is also how adorable she looks when she is waking up. Biiiiiigggg stretch!

So cute, trying to open her eyes!

And there is that big smile! Love her and all her cuteness!

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