Sunday, July 25, 2010

Just some general cuteness

Bella is officially rolling from back to belly. She has been doing it for about a week or so now and she has become quite the expert! When she decides she wants to roll she is going to roll and it doesn't matter who or what is in the way, she's rolling! This has brought in a whole new interesting chapter in sleep for her. She will roll to her belly in her sleep (which still freaks me out!) and she will sleep in some very odd positions but sometimes in the middle of the night she is too tired and easily frustrated to try to roll back over so she wakes up and waits for us to come in and roll her back to her side (her favorite sleep position, she pretty much never sleeps on her back anymore). She goes immediately back to sleep when we do this but hopefully she will start figuring it out for herself soon also! I am sure I will say this many, many times but I just love this phase she is in. It is by far my favorite up to now. Each phase is so special but right now she is so fun, she does things intentionally to entertain us and make us laugh, she is discovering so many things right now and is just the sweetest little thing on the planet!

She just rolled onto her belly to play with Dad

Daddy kisses!

Love them!

This is how she was sleeping, arm pinned under her and face planted into the mattress, yikes! I started taking pictures while she was still waking up for the morning.....picture her turning her head to the side after this and giving me a big grin with sleep lines still on her face, adorable!

Another funny sleep position, this was after a nap, she is laying the "short way" in the crib, the next picture will clarify a little more....

What a little goofball!

When did my baby get so big?!? She loves sitting in the grown up chair with pillows and blankets around her, so cozy!

She, of course, had to bring her froggy blanket with her, love that smile!

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