Monday, July 12, 2010

Bella's "Skills"

This entry is primarily about Bella's feet :-) If Rowdy has his way Bella will be in basketball shoes as soon as possible. And, of course, she has to represent the Suns! We were over at Grandma and Grandpa Julia's and going through the closet full of my old things and Uncle Matt's old things and we found some pretty sweet Suns slippers that were Matt's. Rowdy proceded to immediately make Bella wear them. And, like the magic slipper in Cinderella, her basketball skills started taking over as soon as she had them on! Recently Bella found her feet also. It is hilarious to me how she can go one day not really being aware of them to the next day where her obsession is trying to get them in her mouth!

Ummmmm Dad....these might be a little too big for me!

Holding the basketball

Dunking! (She immediately pulled herself to the rim and proceded to start chewing on it!

My little girl eating sweet potatoes! SO BIG! (She loved them on her first taste!)

And what you couldn't see in the last photo was that Bella was obsessed with holding her foot thru the entire feeding

"Yummy, this foot tastes so good, like oatmeal and sweet poatoes!"

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