Thursday, July 15, 2010

She makes me laugh

I just can't help but giggle at the things Bella does sometimes. Here are some things she has been up to and some hilarious faces she has made.

She is just so sassy. I love her little personality that is coming out, she is adorable!

So cute!

And this begins a series of photos of a new thing Bella is into. She sees something she wants, she MUST have it! She throws her body at things trying to grab them. On this occassion Bella decided she wanted the Ipod docking station. She went for it....

"Uh oh, I think I have beens spotted"

Hey mom, this thing is pretty cool!

"It's mine!"

So snuggly

Here is Bella and her daddy watching Backyardigans. She is definitely into it, and I think it's so cute! I put her in her Boppy and she cuddled with her blankie and was mesmerized by the show!

Oh yeah, and I think she is teething....

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