Saturday, July 3, 2010

Best 5 Months Ever!

Isabella Grace: 5 Months Old
Isabella is now 5 months old and we love her more than we ever thought could be possible! She is such a sweet happy baby with such an adorable little personality that is emerging. She has the BEST smile in the world and the cutest little giggle. Here are some things about Bella at 5 months:
  • She likes to change up her schedule frequently. Her daytime routine basically stays the same but her nighttimes are anyone's guess. We usually get at least one 7 hr stretch and sometimes longer but it may not always be her first stretch of sleep, she likes to call the shots!
  • She is filling out a lot and has cute little chunky thighs and a little double chin, so adorable!
  • She occassionally rolls but doesn't seem very interested right now.
  • She does seem to be very interested in moving though. I put her on her belly and she will play for a short time and then you can just tell she is frustrated by her inability to crawl. She is determined, I think she will be moving soon if she can figure it out.
  • She is working on sitting up. She can do it for short stints of time and then it looks like she is moving into a crawl but she just ends up on her belly, so funny.
  • She LOVES to sit up like a big girl on someone's lap. If she can be at a table, even better, she will hold onto the table and sit all by herself, and grab at things at the table (note to self: move the knife away from the baby!).
  • She also loves the water. She loves going swimming in my parents pool and squeals and talks the whole time while we help her "swim" in the pool.
  • Speaking of loving the water, she still loves her bath's and loves to play and splash. We may have to move her tub to the bathroom instead of the kitchen because our kitchen is always flooded after bathtime now!
And in "my baby is getting so big news".....I think Bella might be done with being swaddled. She is a total houdini and basically manages to get all her limbs out by morning! (And as you can see, is VERY proud of it!)

Silly girl!

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