Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Houdini in Training

How does this child do it?! Seriously, she amazes me! She was always able to get out of any swaddle, not just with blankets, but with velcro, she would get both arms out and be wearing her swaddle like a skirt. We haven't been swaddling for a while now but today she reached a whole new level of "impressiveness." I was listening to Bella play in her crib this morning after waking up, I didn't look at the video monitor but just listened as she babbled and made sounds and seemed to be just enjoying her time in there. I finally decided, alright, it's time to go in, she has to be getting hungry, she's been awake for a little while. I walked in and this is the little goofball that I found. I don't know how she did it but somehow she managed to get her ENTIRE left arm out of her LONG SLEEVE pajamas. Not buttons undone (unless she has somehow managed to master the skill of buttoning/unbuttoning!). The neckhole was pulled under her left armpit and she was playing with the sleeve and chewing on it. She gave me this huge smile when I came in and just kept on chewing her sleeve, almost saying "look what I did mom! pretty cool, huh!" I love her and all of her craziness!

"Whats up mom, did you sleep good? I've ust been hanging out in my crib, and look at this cool thing I did!"

Super cool new chew toy, her sleeve!

Cute little baby in her big crib


She was so pleased with herself!

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