Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Perfect First Mother's Day & Bella's Dedication

I had such a great first Mother's Day! I started the day out with Rowdy bringing me a sweet present and some cuddling with my adorable daughter. We got all dressed up for church because it wasn't just my first mother's day, it was also Bella's dedication. Isabella Grace has been dedicated as a precious child of God and we could not be more happy! She was dedicated with a few other new babies in our church, one in particular: her boyfriend Micah Doe! It was a great morning at church including a great sermon by my good friend Christy Fay, she was so great and gave us a wonderful message for Mother's Day! We then had lunch at Olive and Ivy, I have been dying to go there for brunch because I love their eggs benedict and I haven't had it in about a year because I couldn't have it while I was pregnant and we just haven't been since Bella has been born so I could hardly wait! Well, wait we did because it was packed for Mother's Day, but those eggs benedict were worth the wait! We followed up our yummy brunch by coming home and relaxing and watching the Suns, such a great day! Between Bella's dedication and my first Mother's Day it was just an overall great day! I am so blessed to be Bella's mom, I have wanted to be a mother for a long time and just knew that I couldn't wait to be a mom. I could picture myself with my baby and just couldn't wait but in those dreams I didn't know who my baby would be, it was just sort of a generic baby. God couldn't have sent me a more perfect child in every way. No matter what struggles we face or when she cries or is cranky, those little smiles make it so worth it! I just love being a mom and wouldn't want to be doing anything else with my days other than being with my Bella! A special shout out to my mom for being such an amazing mother and teaching me everything I know about being a mother! And also to Rowdy's mom, Bella has 2 amazing grandma's and she is very lucky to have them in her life! Happy Mother's Day!

My sweet baby girl and I, I love her!!

Right before we went into church for her dedication, her dress was sort of attacking her head here and she has a sweet little tired face, she literally PASSED OUT a few minutes after this and slept through the whole service!

At church for Bella's dedication

Up on stage while Pastor Matt was dedicating the babies

Rowdy, Bella and I with the proud grandparents

Bella and her Godmother Erica and Godfather Matt. We love them and are so thankful that they wanted to be Bella's Godparents! We couldn't have hoped for more wonderful people to help guide her through life and be examples of God's love and grace! She is such a lucky girl to have them in her life!

With Grandma Owens

With lots of fun family! My Aunt Carol and Uncle Jim are also my Godparents so it was very special to have them there!

Having fun with Cousin Nick!

More fun with family!

With my sweet friend Marcie and her son Micah. As mentioned earlier, Micah is Bella's boyfriend. They love eachother!

Great picture for the wedding slideshow one day! Sweet love! :-)

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  1. Aw! So honored and excited to be Bella's godmother! Love you!