Sunday, May 2, 2010

Our sweet little 3 month old!

Isabella Grace: 3 Months Old
Our precious little 5lb 5.5oz, 18 inch baby has grown so much! People may look at her and see a girl that looks little small for 3 months but to us she is SO big! She is such a blessing to us and we can't imagine loving anyone more! Here are some things we want to remember about our 3 month old little girl and some extra pictures below!
**When Bella isn't going through a growth spurt she sleeps anywhere for 6-7 hours for her first stretch of sleep and then does 3 hour stints after that
**Loves to hold things: her blanket, her clothes, her pacifier, her bottle, mom's shirt, the hand of whoever is holding her. Her grip is strong and she has cute little clammy hands but it is so adorable when she grips your hand and pulls it close to her chest and then falls asleep! Love her!
**Is TOTALLY rolling over! It's so crazy and I really didn't think we would be saying that at 3 months. I was just doing tummy time with her to strengthen her neck and she decided it was time to roll! Now whenever we put her on her belly she rolls and sometimes to fast that I don't even have time to grab the video camera. Unless she is exhausted or fussy she will roll for you and seems to love it, so cute!
**Has great neck strength and loves to sit in her bumbo and high chair or on people's laps. I realized the other day that when awake and alert she prefers to be carried in a sort of sitting up position rather than laying down (like a newborn). She wants to see the world, I love that she is getting stronger but I want her to stay my sweet little newborn a little longer!
**She is in LOVE with the fan and her chandelier in her room! If she is getting fussy and you lay her down on her back on the couch she will stare at the fan forever! In the mornings after I feed her I take her back to her room to get her dressed for the day and we turn on her chandelier for the first time of the day and she smiles so big at it and coos, it's like she is flirting with it! Hilarious!
**Still loves bath time, I think if we let her sit in her bathtub for hours she would be totally happy! She loves her routine of bath time, lotion and jammies, feeding and rocking. She is so easy to put to bed which we love! (Then mom and dad get to catch up on what is recorded on the dvr!)
**No weight or length updates this month, no Dr's appointment unfortunately. I'm totally fine with no shots or appointment but I just wish I could know her weight! She is really starting to fill out and look so much older! She is fully in 0-3 month clothes and may even be ready for a few 3-6 month things soon. One thing that is nice is that we will always be able to see her in ALL of her clothes because she is on the small side of them!
**Is coming out of her fussy phase. She is so happy and rarely cries! She may fuss a little when she is tired or wants to be held or is hungry but she doesn't cry like she used to and its so fun to play with her!
**She really likes looking at the book of pregnancy pictures I ordered of myself. It has lots of pictures of mommy and daddy and lots of ultrasound pictures of herself, she seems very fascinated with it!
Cute little sweater dress, it was like 70 degrees out and I decided it was cold so that I could put her in this outfit that I had bought for her before she was born. Anticipating a slightly larger baby I thought she would FOR SURE get to wear this at least once. Not so much! But at least I got a picture of her in it! What a cute little muchkin!

Right after her first roll! She was so proud of herself!

So beautiful! And seriously, those eyelashes! Can't get enough of them!

I just like this picture because this is one of her goofball faces, it cracks me up!

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  1. I sure do love your sweet, sweet family! I feel beyond blessed that we get to raise our sweet girls together :). Love you!