Sunday, May 9, 2010

Bella's Funny Faces and Other Fun

I realized I had a LOT of new pictures of Bella I need to put up. I can't help myself, everything she does is adorable to me! Bella is becoming so animated and makes some very goofy faces (see below). And since I can't stop clicking away on the camera I can occassionally catch some! She has started really loving to grip on to things as you will see in many pictures below. Her left hand is always grabbing onto whatever she is wearing, if this is a onesie it's fine, but if it's a dress she is usually "flashing" people :-) She has started gripping my hair (no more dangly earings) and she grips my shirt when I am feeding and sometimes when I am feeding her with the nursing cover on she likes to grip that and move it, which makes for a very interesting experience!

I just love these pictures where she playing on her playmat for some reason. I think she looks SO old and so strong! Such a big girl! I can't beleive it!

She will occassionally roll onto her side now from her back. No rolling over from back to belly yet and she isn't really even trying, she sort of just seems to tip over onto her side right now.

Love my sweet girl!

Gripping with her left hand

Chilling on mom and dad's bed. I think sh elooks like a little tennis player here!

Watching the Suns with her dad. I see a lot of this in her future!

After her favorite time of day, bath time!

Such a big girl! No more sling in her bathtub! I wasn't sure when exactly you are supposed to take out the little sling attachment in the tub but we did and she LOVED it! She could kick her little feet around and it looked like she thought she was swimming. It was adorable. I have a video I may get around to posting but it is one of those videos that probably only I am amused by.

One of her goofy faces, sticking out her tongue! I just love this picture, there is something so adorable about a little baby in her hooded towel!

I don't really know what this look is, I think this picture was a happy accident. I just sit here looking at this and giggle. Crazy eyes, strange little lips, hilarious to me!

More crazy eyes and goofy lips, silly girl!

Gripping her onesie


Cozy sleeping girl with some pretty sweet pants! :-)

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