Monday, May 24, 2010

More Bella Updates

Bella is now 3 months, 3 weeks old. She has become SO aware of her surroundings and loves to participate in the conversation. She doesn't want to be held in the cradle hold if she is with everyone, she wants to sit on a lap and see what everyone is doing. She is non-stop talking and it is HILARIOUS! She sticks out her tongue and makes the goofiest little sounds and squeels, I love it! Will get a new video soon! Still sleeping about the same, can't wait until we can start extending those hours a bit but we are used to it! I think she is getting close to rolling from back to belly now also. She still rolls from belly to back but doesn't do it as frequently as she did when she first figured out she could do it. Now if I lay her on her back on her playmat she is pretty much immediately on her side and pretty quickly almost all the way turned over. She doesn't do it with any sort of momentum though so she can't seem to finish the roll, always getting stuck on her arm so she is always in this odd twisted little position. Maybe when she starts trying with some momentum she will make it all the way cute and SO strong! I am so excited to go for her doctor's appointment in a couple weeks to get her 4 month update and finally find out how much she weighs!

Oh Bella you little goofball, you are all twisted and not even all the way on your playmat!

Crazy twisted rolling

Dad came home from golfing, he and Bella decided to relax on the couch, Bella apparently wanted to show us what her belly looks like :-)

Bella sitting on the couch like a big girl! She loves looking at her daddy, so cute!

Bella was practicing siting in her boppy pillow but Oreo wanted in on the fun so Bella moved to the Bumbo and Oreo took over the boppy!

Bella is so strong and getting so big, can't believe how fast it's going!

Bella in her high chair practicing for when she is a big girl eating big girl food. I just gave her the spoon to play with and she had a lot of fun!

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