Friday, February 25, 2011

What has Bella been up to lately?

What has our little troublemaker been up to lately? Just that....a lot of trouble making! She definitely keeps us on our toes around here! She is so fun and exploring everything right now! A few little fun tidbits about Bella that I either left out of her 1 year update or have just started to notice: Bella now has 4, count 'em, 4 teeth! That's right, got her first the day before her first birthday and now has 4 through! It's been a busy few weeks for this little one! I love her toothy little grin, so adorable! Bella will comb her hair on command. When I am changing her diaper I will get out her comb and hand it to her and say "comb your hair!" and she will sort of wave it over her head like she is trying to comb, so cute!. She points at everything, I'm not joking, everything! She "wants" everything, this new form of communication is very interesting but I can't wait until she uses more words, sometimes it's obvious what she wants (the ipod, phone, remote, etc.) but sometimes its hard to tell! She will also "stir" on command. She loves to sit in the kitchen while you are cooking and sit with her bowl and big wooden spoon and "stir stir stir", again, pretty adorable! Here are just a few snapshots as of late, she is generally a blur in every picture now and it is becoming impossible to get nice picture of her because she is go go go or she is reaching for the camera and whining because I won't give it to her! Loving our little 1 year old!

Here is a perfect example, she was looking all adorable and playing so sweet and I wanted to get some pictures. The second she sees the camera come out she is coming right at me to try to get the camera. Apparently she is trying to work the whole cute angle here to try to get the probably worked.

She crawled over and stood up at the chair to try to see what was in the diaper bag. I'm pretty sure she was 2 seconds from pulling it down on herself!

We have a caffeine addict (see pictures to come). She found some closed cans of coke and was demonstrating how she would drink them if they were open
On tihs particular occassion she was pointing at my coffee cup and wanted to see it so I let her hold it as it was pretty much empty. She immediately threw her head back, acting like it was her sippy, and got a massive sip of coffee! She seemed very confused at first but didn't cry or seem extremely grossed out.

And then she went back for more! Little caffeine addict just like her mom! Dont worry, this was her first and last taste of coffee for a long while....

She loves her stacking toy and is so good at it! She will gently (everything with her is gentle, she is such a girl) take each little piece off and then put them back on, her dexterity is impressive!

And her new favorite game, the ball pop Uncle Matt got her for her birthday!

And last but not least this incredibly beautiful picture of my girl :-) It perfectly showcases how goofy she is and also....her new teeth! You can see her top 2 here, she also has her 2 bottoms poking through!