Tuesday, February 15, 2011

February 3rd, 2011

We had a simple and fun day to celebrate Bella turning 1. Her actual birthday fell on a Thursday this year so we did a lot of our usual every day routine. When I went in to get her in the morning this is the sweet face I saw, have I metioned how much I love that little face?! Sometimes I really cannot believe that she is mine, my daughter, and that she is 1! What a blessing! We then went to visit Dad at work and went to lunch with Dad and Grandma Valley. We finished up the day playing, opening Bella's first ever birthday present from us, and giving her a test run on the happy birthday song and eating a cupcake. What a simple and perfect celebration of the day that changed our lives in the most wonderful way!

Seriously gorgeous little girl, I'm in love!

At the restaurant for lunch, Bella was very focused on eating her ice cream sundae they brought for her since they heard it was her birthday. She liked the ice cream but was very interested in the strawberries, she LOVES strawberries!

This was the real treat of the day for Bella! I always forget to buy pickles at the store for her and she seriously could gnaw on one all day long, she loves them and I think they make her incoming teeth feel better. She always loves waiters/waitresses and this waitress was no exception. And when the waitress brought Bella a pickle she won Bella's heart forever. This is Bella's ideal birthday feast!

Laughing and smiling at the waitress and the other table she was serving, she loved her and them (there was another birthday at the other table)!

Enjoying a birthday cupcake

Opening her first ever birthday present, a new doll!

A picture of the 3 of us, my how much has changed in one short year! Love our little family of 3!

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