Monday, February 21, 2011

1st Birthday Party!!

We had a party to celebrate Bella's 1st birthday at our house. It was a great day to see family and friends and celebrate a very special little girl and her first year of life! We had so much fun seeing everyone and celebrating and are so thankful for such a wonderful group to share our life with and help support our daughter as she grows. As the group was singing the "Happy Birthday" song all I could think was....."is this really me, is this really my daughter? How am I at my daughters 1st birthday??!" So crazy how time flies and life changes! It was the perfect way to celebrate our sweet Isabella Grace!

Some table decor

The dessert table, lots of yummy treats!

2 shades of pink homemade cupcakes, Bella is a girly girl and these cupcakes scream girly girl!

Bella and Grandpa Julia hanging out before the guests arrived

So excited and ready to party!

My sweet girl and I, love her SO much!

She is so silly!

All the "babies"....but they aren't babies anymore *tear*. Maya and Charlie are about 4 weeks older than Bella and Micah is 10 weeks younger, friends for life (and with 2 boys and 2 girls....who knows, maybe a husband and wife) :-)

Bella and her Godmother Erica. She may not always remember it right now but she loves her :-) But Bella gets shy and always tries to escape, which is what she is doing here. Someday soon she will be begging to play with Auntie Erica!

Getting ready for her cupcake. I made her little, scratch that, HUGE party hat to celebrate being 1, she wasn't exactly fond of it, nor did it really stay on, but we got the picture!

I had also bought her this little heart headband and she didn't mind wearing this so she still had her fabulous style! Here she is staring at all the people singing at her!

Staring at her cupcake, about 2.2 seconds after this she tried to touch the fire :-)

So close to the flame...she really was interested in it, we blew it out quickly so she could have at her cupcake

And true to her style she was the perfect little prim and proper lady. Slowly tasting little bits of the frosting and licking her fingertips.....

She realized she liked it and started to dig in a bit more....

And then she really went at it and ate pretty much the entire cupcake! Whoa sugar rush!

Ummmm.....any similarities between Bella and I here.....Ha! I laughed when I saw this picture and how we are both examining presents as we open Mother like Daughter

Helping open her presents, she really had fun seeing all the new things she could play with and some of the older kids were more than happy to help her open presents!

A last sweet image of Bella from her party. Such a sweet a beautiful girl with such a fun personality

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