Friday, March 18, 2011

Bella and Maya's Fun Day

I've written about Maya many times, she is Bella's 1 month older bestie. We got to spend the day with Maya recently and it was like good old times. Bella loved having her buddy around again and showed her all her new toys and areas she likes to venture to and all the trouble she likes to make. And Maya can walk now so basically, Bella was very impressed and was fascinated by her super cool and talented friend. It was cute, every time Maya would stand up and wander away Bella would try to keep up crawling after her andyou could see her frustration that she couldn't just waddle along with Maya....don't worry Bella, your time is coming soon. Watching them play together was pretty adorable. Here is a recap of how our day went....

Here they are practicing their flash cards, well, just examining them and trading them back and forth....

Then they decided they wanted to pet and play with Oreo so they both came over to take advantage of Oreo sitting still for 2 seconds which is rare

Then Bella had to show Maya her super fun new toy....Oreo's dog door. Oh boy, we are really going to need to find a way to distract Bella from this because she is trying to crawl through it, aka, trouble in the making. Maya was very fascinated with it also.

Oops! Caught in the act! Ha! Bella with her hand through the dog door! Oh man, if this is any indication, when these two are 16 they are going to be Trouble together!

Finally after a long and exhausting day of lots of playing and having fun, Rowdy came home and we took the girls for a walk in the neighborhood. They love strolling alongside each other and babbling and pointing at the trees or the people. They are best friends. They are adorable.

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