Friday, March 18, 2011

Zoo Day!

It was somebody's very first trip to the Phoenix Zoo!!! No not Bella's.....Rowdy's! Ha! We finally went as a family of 3 to the zoo. Bella and I had been before together but we went with Rowdy and, somehow, he had never been before! We had fun wandering around together and checking out the animals. Bella's favorites were some of the less "exciting" animals: cows and flamingos. I think she would have liked the koalas but they were sleeping so, while cute, they weren't exactly eye catching for a 13 month old. I know she also enjoyed all the people watching as she always does. It was a great family day.
Bella and I in front of the pond

Her favorite, the flamingos, after this she was clinging to the fence trying to get closer.

Love my girl

I really don't even know what they are looking at here....some sort of deer?? Bella loved it when Rowdy would carry her around nice and tall so she could see everything, it was pretty adorable.

Bella is "riding" an elephant!

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