Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Special Friendship

Bella and Maya were destined to be best friends. My good friend Jenny and I were pregnant at the same time and we were so excited that we were both having girls and that they would be so close in age. Maya is only 4 weeks older than Bella (though you probably wouldn't know it by looking at them!). I have written about it here before, these girls have a special friendship. I have had the priviledge of watching Maya a few times a week since she was about 10 weeks old so basically, life with Maya is all Bella has ever known. Maya is like a sister to Bella, and for good reason, we love the Spires family and they are like family to us! We have a lot of fun on our days together and I try to take pictures to remember these early days of the girls together, because, well, I know Jenny and I are going to try our hardest to make sure these girls have a lifelong friendship! I see lots of make believe, and song singing, and dressing up, and sleepovers in these girls future!

It all started here, Bella and Maya's first meeting. They were quite into each other yet (or even aware of each other!)

They love playing with this table together! Usually though, they are battling over the same side, today they were sharing and not competing for the same three inches of the toy!

Sometimes we make obstacle courses out of furniture to add to the fun!

Ladies who lunch. Just the first of many lunch dates for these two!

Maya is playing in the entertainer, so of course, Bella wants to crawl into it! She is always interested in what Maya is doing!

And once Maya was out Bella decided to climb into the underside of the entertainer, silly girl!

Sometimes we use old diaper boxes to put lots of toys into and then they have fun pulling everything out of it. And then we fill it back up and....repeat.

Sometimes Maya makes silly faces for the camera....

Ok a lot of times Maya makes silly faces for the camera :-) She is a ham!

And we are back to playing with the play table. Basically this is how our day goes, we just rotate around the living room from toy to toy! Mix in a couple naps, a few meals and wham! It's 5pm! Where does the day go!?

Notice they are each looking at the toy the other has. Why is it that kids are so interested in what other kids have? It's like they could love the toy they are playing with so much but they see the other playing with a toy and immediately, they must have it! A lot of days I will be constantly saying, "no no, Maya is playing with that, lets share with Maya and let her have her turn with the toy" or "no no, be gentle, we can't push each other out of the way to get a toy" or "no no, Bella was chewing on that book, lets let Bella finish chewing on the book and then you can have a turn" (Yep, **ew** is the correct response here, but they are babies and there is only so much I can do, they both chew on everything and well, yes, they frequently end up chewing on the same toy, it's life)

I will leave it with this picture. Sweet friendship. A moment where they were both trying to play with the same toy but it was so incredibly cute. Maya put her arm on Bella's back and left it there for like 1 full minute, which in baby land is like an eternity. Love these girls!!

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