Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Playtime with Peanut

Here a few pictures from our recent playtime. Yes, we still call her peanut, because well, she is a peanut! She is at such a fun age right now and we are just loving every minute! A few updates on Bella: She is clapping, still playing peekaboo, playing some version of "how big", has pulled up to stand twice but she is still not doing it a ton yet, she loves to stand and her crawling is improving day by day, she is addicted to cheerios (seriously, she sees a cheerio and that is all she can focus on, she becomes obsessed with getting the cheerio!). She is such a sweet and joyful little girl and we just love her!
I could not love her sweet face more!

She loved having so many toys to play with!

Dad kept putting letters on her head, she didn't mind (or even notice really) that they were stuck on there!

This was the first picture with all of her new toys, it took her a minute to fiure out why there were so many floating toys in her tub!

But once she figured out they were all for her she had so much fun!

Seriously, I could squeeze her! Such a cutie!

Reading a book with Daddy, she LOVED it!

I'm not sure why she doesn't have a shirt on but she loves her play table!

She loves standing up and playing with all the fun buttons and music
Silly girl! This is how I found her one day after nap. Granted, I played a roll, I am the one who apparently gave her three pacifiers for nap time somehow!

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