Monday, October 18, 2010

She's Just SO Fun!

I love playing with Bella in the mornings. She is just pure joy! Today we played with all of her toys but right now her favorite is definitely her new play table from Grammy Julia. It has legs that can attach to make it a small table but we took the legs off for now since we loves sitting and playing with it on the floor. One side is a piano and the other is assorted little toys. She loves both but especially loves the side with the piano and a little book above the piano keyboard. She LOVES to turn the pages. She giggles while she crawls to the table every day and giggles while she hits keys and turns pages, its so adorable. In other funny Bella stuff, we have noticed about 3 times now that when our dog Oreo barks, she will make a loud noise back at Oreo, almost like she is barking back at Oreo, such a silly girl!

Just got to her table, so excited to play!!

I just love her face here! She is loving it!

Playing and "reading" her book

Isn't she beautiful?!

Love her a lot!

Ohhh drooly! Also, her little wispy hairs flying out on the left make me laugh! One day you will have hair Bella!

She was VERY fascinated with the camera!

And as I was playing with the pictures I loved this picture in color but I also loved it in black and white and since I almost never do black and white, here is my sweet Bella. And no, we have not given her lash extensions, those are just her incredible eyelashes!

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