Monday, October 18, 2010


This weekend we went back to our high school that we both attended. The high school where we met (though we didn't date while we both attended, only while I was still there). We hadn't been back since last year's homecoming when I was pregnant and it's always strange venturing back and seeing how the school has changed since we were in school and every year feeling older and older and seeing fewer and fewer people we know. Now the people we know there are friends that are teachers, no students, so weird! It has been 1o years since Rowdy's senior homecoming, yes 10, I may or may not have rubbed that in a few times to make him feel old, or make me feel less old :-) It's just so strange to have grown up at this school (I started going there in 5th grade and Rowdy when he was in elementary school also) and to be back there with our daughter. How did we get to be old enough to have a child? Seriously? Shouldn't we be going to the homecoming dance?!

Bella and I hanging out by the field. She was so sleepy, up past her bedtime but so cozy just cuddling with me.

Rowdy, Bella and I back at our high school!

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