Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cute Outfits and a little Jailbird

Bella pretty much looks adorable in anything you put her in but she has had some particularly adorable outfits lately! She is my little fashionista! And lately Bella has thought it would be funny to pull down her bumper and throw her pacifier out and look through the crib slats and stick her arms through the slats and pretty much anything that can turn her crib into a toy! In Bella update news: Bella's army crawling is really improving and she is getting so strong! She is working on getting into a crawled position from a sitting position. She has sporadically clapped a few times. She is working on the "How big is Bella" game but mostly she just throws her arms above her head and leaves them there so we haven't really perfected it yet. She think she is absolutely hilarious when she rolls over on her changing table and crawls to her basket full of changing stuff. Needless to say, we have been changing her on the ground a lot! We are just having SO much fun with her lately!

Bella's Halloween costume! Could she be any darn cuter???!? We thought we would give it a practice run last night to get her ready for our church's "Trunk or Treat" tonight. I'm not sure how long she is going to last in the costume but it will be cute for a picture!

Already starting to pull on her hat, hopefully she will keep it on for at least 10 minutes!

Practicing walking, not exactly something she is interested in yet. But she does think its fun when Dad tries to get her to walk and Oreo runs over to play!

Bella thought Oreo was funny!

Love them! So cute!

We had another fun family lunch on Saturday and she had a particularly adorable outfit on! Her little shirt had multi color hearts on it and she had a fun little jean skirt on and then she had some super cute black, pink and white stripey leggings and a little bow! She was so cute and she got quite a few compliments on how adorable she looked!

Such a cutie!

What I saw when I went into get Bella up from her nap, such a goofball! She looks like our little jailbird trying to break free of her crib!

And the other thing she is into right now, chewing on everything! Apparently her bumper is as good as any of her chew toys!

Hey guys! Can you come get me out of here already!

Waving hi (ok she may not have actually been doing this but it looks like it in this picture)

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