Sunday, September 12, 2010

Weekends are the Best!

We have had some fun weekends lately. A couple weekends ago we went shopping at the Biltmore and went to lunch. Bella loves going to restaurants now and loves being a big girl sitting in her high chair. She is getting very interested in feeding herself and its so cute (and messy!).

Bella and Daddy, they love eachother!

Love the bow in her hair!

She loves sitting in the high chair. She was so distracted with everything in the restaurant I could hardly get her to look at me!

Love my girl! She is my little princess!
This weekend we went up north to Munds Park, near Flagstaff and had a fun weekend at a cabin in beautiful weather and had a great time with friends! This was Bella's first trip! I couldn't believe it but we haven't gone overnight anywhere with Bella yet. It was good practice since we will be taking a bigger trip in a few months, including a flight, yikes! We went with our friends the Hopkins and the Mottes and we just love them! Bella had a fun time staying up all day Friday and refusing to nap, she was so cute and babbly. We had been banking on her napping on our way up and she had other plans. Unfortunately, the lack of napping on Friday led to a grumpy girl on Saturday. She has also had a stuffy nose lately and that piled on to and upset tummy and wanting to nap/eat constantly made for an interesting Saturday. The last time we went up to this cabin with Ashley and Jeff was before Bella and I think I read the whole 3rd book in the Twilight series, not so much this time.... Haha. Oh how things change when you have a child. At least she still gave us good sleep at night, love that she still slept great even though it wasn't in her crib! We still had so much fun with sweet Bella and got a few cute pictures of her. Bella had some early bedtimes so it was so fun to just relax, eat dinner, have some wine, and play Settlers of Catan with good friends! What more could you ask for than friends like Ashley, Jeff, Steph and Stephen!

Taking a bath in the kitchen sink, there is just something so cute about a baby in a sink!


She wanted those puffs so bad she was going to eat through the plastic bag if necessary to get them! PS, how cute is her outfit. A little hat with ears, the shirt underneath the jacket says "Daddy's girl", leopard pants and pink puffy shoes, such a cutie!

Snuggling with Daddy on the porch

Poor little girl was so sleepy

Little girl on a big chair!

I just loved how she was hanging out watching us clean up, watching tv, when did she get so big?!?

Oh no! I never took a picture with Bella! This is what I said to Rowdy as we were about to put Bella in her carseat. This is what tends to happen, I am always taking pictures and I need to remember to actually get in a few!

And what first road trip could be complete without a little time in the driver's seat, a little time on the Blackberry (she is holding it in her hands), and a little Starbucks.

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