Saturday, September 4, 2010

Isabella Grace is 7 Months Old!

Isabella Grace: 7 Months Old
Our sweet Isabella Grace is 7 months old. She is the definition of perfection. I just love her personality so much in so many ways she is a total sweet little girl that has a soft voice and is super dainty and then in other ways she is completely silly and goofy and a total ham. I just love that she has both sides because they are each so wonderful in their own way. We love her so much and can't believe she is moving so fast to being 1, wasn't she just born??!? We have so enjoyed every second of these fast moving 7 months and can't wait for all the fun ahead.
  • Bella has eaten: Apple, Banana, Sweet Potato, Carrot, Green Beans, Peas, Butternut Squash, Mango, Peach, Pear, Snow Cone (oops, how did that get in there....yes she has tasted mom's snow cone and yes, she loved that sugary treat!) and probably more that I am forgetting. She also just tried puffs and loves them! Look out cheerios, here we come!
  • At about 6.5 months she started sitting up really well and totally indepently, she loves to sit and play and it is just the cutest thing! She also loves to sit up on our bed and then tip back and fall into the covers, she thinks it's so funny to "go boom!" into the covers!
  • Is a total rolling machine, she is all over the place, all over the room, must be strapped into her bouncy or yes, she will even try to roll over in her bouncy, crazy girl! And now she is obsessed with rolling over on her changing pad, scary! At least she rolls into the side by the wall but she gets so frustrated when you make her lay on her back so you can finish changing her, oh boy, her will is coming out!
  • And on the note of her will coming out, she has started to get frustrated if you take away something she really wanted to play with. For example, when trying to change her and bribe her to lay flat, I will let her play with her clean diaper until I am ready for it. She, of course, chews on it. Well, when I finally need to put it on her booty she will get very frustrated that I have taken her "toy" away, so I then bribe her with another diaper so I can get her in one. Oh boy, this is going to get interesting!
  • She babbles constantly, she frequently says "mama" or dada" or "baba" and now is working on her "p" sound. I know she doesn't know what she is saying but we still love it! She also will sometimes babble in this sweet little quiet almost whisper. It is my new favorite thing and there is not a good way to describe it so I will just have to catch it on video and post it, stay tuned!
  • She currently weighs, drum roll please....... ~about~ 13.5lbs (she was 13 4.5 about a week ago)! Still rockin the 2% haha! I love our little peanut! She is so tiny but she is so cute and has her own mini rolls. I realized I forgot to update her 6 month stats (they were 12lbs 9.5oz (2%) and she was 25'' (30%), stretching out in length a bit!
  • She is still working on her teeth. We have been having some major teething this week including her first fever and first cold. I am praying we get some teeth out of this because it has been a rough week for my poor Bella!
  • She has been having some Amazing nights of sleep! (Until teething of course) She has been frequently giving us between 11-12hr stretches of sleep, woohoo! But I won't brag too much, I don't want to jinx it!
  • No crawling yet but she doesn't let that slow her down, she gets to anything she wants by either rolling or her other favorite, on her belly she just uses her arms to rotate her all around. She just spins in circles to play with all of her toys, she is so strong! You can see how badly she wants to crawl, but it may take some time to figure out the mechanics of it.
Beautiful smile! And still those GORGEOUS eyes!

She just loves sitting up so much!

So sweet even though there is all that drool dripping down her face, please tooth, just come in!


Playing with her toys

Everything gets chewed on!

I love that bow! It's clinging to the few strands of hair but I just love it!

Getting so strong! She could sort of stand independtly before but now she is so good at it! And she loved it of course!

So proud of herself!

One of her favorite places to sit, on Mom and Dad's bed! (She was totally amused by Rowdy standing next to me!)

I just love how crazy she looks here! So excited! Waving hi to everyone!

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