Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Little Miss Independent

There seems to be a trend here. All of our recent posts have been about our fun weekend family meals out. This weekend we just grabbed a quick lunch but of course I had to take some pictures of Bella. I promise, I will have more posts soon where Bella isn't in a high chair. Bella is becoming quite the little independent lady. She has quickly become so good at feeding herself. I have to be careful because if I give her a lot of puffs she will eat them all and I am pretty sure she would never stop eating them if I didn't regulate them. We also finally found a sippy cup she likes and now she LOVES her sippy cup. She still has a hard time holding it for herself to drink, she can get it to her mouth but I think it's too heavy for her and she doesn't like to tilt her head back to get the liquid so its usually a lot of playing with her sippy cup or I feed her her sippy but it's quite the improvement from never using a sippy cup. The funny thing is, she prefers an open cup, she loves drinking from a big girl cup. Because, once again, she is little miss independent! She is so sassy and so cute! More updates to come but here are some cute pictures from last weekend's fun family meal!

Smiling so big, there was an elderly man standing near us that she was so fascinated with! She loved him! She was the entertainment of the restaurant!

I put this in just because the face she is making cracks me up!

Loving her meal of puffs

This is her very concentrated face as she goes to grab her puffs, when it comes to puffs, she is all business!

This is what her cute little cheeks look like when she is chewing. She gets little chipmunk cheeks!

Hi mom!

Taking a break from her puffs to chew on her moose!

I can never leave out a picture of that beautiful smile!

Making a move for the puffs....

Ok, puff in the right hand......

Grabbing the puff out of her right hand with her left hand


And back to chewing on her poor moose!

Silly girl!

So sweet, she just tilted her head to the side and rested it, it was so cute! She is getting such a little personality!

Apparently she was resting up before making a move for the camera. She is SO aware of the camera, she wanted to chew on it, because she loves to chew on expensive electronics, yikes!

Still wants the camera, and her face is hilarious to me!

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