Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Little Saturday Brunch

Today we went to brunch together and just enjoyed a nice Saturday with no plans, it was so nice! Bella is so fun to take to restaurants now, she sits in her highchair and plays and loves to feed herself puffs and her crackers. Today she even made a dive for my food! She is just becoming such a big girl and she just looked so adorable I had to take about a million pictures!

Bella was helping Dad pick out something to eat
Ok seriously, I know she is mine, but come on....could she be any more gorgeous?!

I just want to squeeze her and those cute little cheeks!

Feeding Bella some food of her own, she was waiting so patiently to get a bite while we took this picture, poor thing!

The sun was shining bright and she looked like she was glowing!

Love that face!

I know I say it a lot, but she really is a total goofball!

She loves sitting at the table like a big girl

Cutie face!

Love my little girl

We have fun together!

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