Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mornings are so fun!

I love the mornings, I mean not too early morning since our nights are still a little tiring but the mornings are so fun with Bella. She is so alert and playful. We have had some fun with tummy time and just playing with her. She has made some of the goofiest faces in the morning. See some of Bella's morning fun below!

Right after tummy time, she did so good turning her head from side to side! She may be little but she is strong! She was exhausted after though, so cute!

These are her "party pj's". All of her other pj's are so pretty and dainty and perfectly girly, the other day she had a bit of a diaper explosion on her "pretty pj's" so we switched to her fun ones, I love them!

I love this picture because she is pointing at me (complete accident) and one eye looks huge compared to the other, I just think it is so funny!

And I love the look on her face here, what a goofball!
Big yawn!

She was tired after tummy time!
Could she be any more adorable?!

Yay! Her little peanut head is starting to fit in some hats!

She is really growing! Can't wait to get an update of her stats at the doctor on Thursday!

She loves to have her arms/hands by her head! So funny looking!

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